Upcoming Hardcore Group Finds Home in Philadelphia

By: Brian McDevitt

If you’re a fan of live local music, and you like your music heavy and abrasive, then Philadelphia-based act Booth would be perfect for you. The three-piece hardcore/grindcore group recently relocated to Philadelphia from Central Jersey, and have become one of the hottest rising names within the city’s local hardcore scene. Be sure to keep your eyes open for new show announcements, as they are looking to perform heavily during the summer.

Link to story here. For more information on how the band came to be, you can view their timeline here.


A Little Berlin in Philadelphia

Terrill Warrenburg of Little Berlin has just completed the first gallery that she has every curated on her own. “Found” was an exhibition that featured a number of artists and a variety of mediums surrounding a single theme, things found in Kensington. Warrenburg tells about Little Berlin and her inspiration for the gallery in the slideshow below.

Follow the link below to see a storymap of open art exhibits in Philadelphia, including Little Berlin.

Link to post here.

Uncovering Philly’s Film Culture

By: Brian McDevitt

I learned that Philadelphia has a plethora of events and screenings to bolster a culture of film buffs among the city, but it seems to fly under the radar. I analyzed the two main locations where Philadelphians may want to experience film, and took an in-depth look at how going to the cinema can be a great pastime for those unfamiliar to the scene.

Link to story here.

Local Music Venues in Philadelphia

By: Brian McDevitt

I wanted to explore some of the best spots in the Philadelphia music scene, but I knew that there are places that those in the city find much more intimate and personable than the big-name venues like Union Transfer and Electric Factory. I compiled a map of some of the best local venues in the city, including music bars and DIY spaces where Philly-based artists showcase their art.

Link to story here.